About us



Elda was never about showing off or the look at me lifestyle.

It's about goal setting and rewarding yourself with quality high end 

accessories you can look at and say "This is a little token of MY achievement"

Opening the senses from the moment you start to put together the exclusive vegetable tanned Italian leather or exotic animal skin with a colour then add your monogram and symbol.

having our expert craftsmen hand make it for you, pack it carefully and ship it off.

then having it arrive and opening the elegant box to reveal the token of attainment of that certain goal.

The feel of the texture the smell of the quality you are holding.

The satisfaction of knowing this is one of a kind hand made just for you.

Then looking at your high end item each time and having it remind you of smashing that goal.


Environmentally Conscious

At Elda, we utilise only the finest raw materials in our assembly to ensure each product is held to the highest standards. Our genuine leathers are sourced and processed under ethical practices to ensure sustainability for the environment. We promise nothing but the best for our customers



Completely Customisable

Our products are designed with you in mind. We wanted each product to be unique to our customers which is why we offer complimentary customisation. Select the leather type and color that speaks to your style and then  add your Initials to let your personality shine.